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Val Benoit

16-18 March 2018

Lindy Hop
Solo Jazz

Special Guest: Slow Dance

Lives bands

Full pass: 160€

Early Bird: 140€

Party pass: 45€

1h taster included

Friday party: 15€

Saturday party: 25€

Sunday party: 10€

Ardent Swing Festival

The "Ardent swing festival", the very first festival of swing in Liège, welcomes you from 16 till 18 March 2018.

Come and discover "la Cité Ardente" to the furious rhythm of the twenties.

Special Guest

Slow Dance

The "Slow Dance" is a couple dance where feeling is the most important element. In constant evolution, this dance leaves a great freedom to the two partners and has been enriched during the years by the influence of the different swing dances like lindy hop, balboa and without forgetting its original feeling the blue dance. A dance that will allow you to be inspired by slow tempos.

Lindy Hop, Charleston & Slow Dance

The « Ardent Swing Festival » - very first swing festival in Liège - welcomes you from March 16 to 18, 2018. Come and discover the « Cité Ardente » (Liège’s nickname) by dancing to the frantic rhythm of the 1920’s.

The « Ardent Swing Festival » will be an intense 3 days during which professional dancers will meet passionate dancers – lovers of the exceptional atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties. This weekend is not only focused on dance, but also on artistic exchanges and the discovery of various disciplines through workshops, concerts, happenings, exhibitions, screenings, and much more. 3 Days during which you will dive head first into the feverish artistic and intellectual spirit of the twenties. This will truly be an all-round cultural weekend.

The entire « Ardent Swing Festival » team has only one desire: to share this second edition with YOU!


March 16


20:30-02:00 Opening Party
+ Caravane Gourmande "Chez Monique"

March 17


09:30-10:30 Welcome
10:30-16:30 Workshops
16:45-17:45 Taster “Slow dance” with Abeth & Necjc
Taster "Jazz Roots" with JB
20:00-02:00 Party and friends
+ Caravane Gourmande "Chez Monique"

March 18


11:00-17:00 Workshops
17:30-00:00 Closing party
+ Caravane Gourmande "Chez Monique"

More information soon


Val Benoit

Val Benoit
Quai Banning 6
4000 Liège
Val Benoit
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Caravane gourmande “Chez Monique”


"Chez Monique" is not just a gourmet caravan but a beautiful project of community that wants to promote the culinary pleasure of eating well as an art of doing. Like the mountebank who jumped from his platform to distract the crowd with its twists and turns, "Chez Monique" offers a "jump" out of the dish. A trip that leads elsewhere, opens new tastes, nourishes a shared cuisine in pleasure.

PRICE: Start at 6€
Chez Monique



March 16

From 20:30

Friday - Opening Night - Live Band, DJ & Show

20:30 Opening & Caravane Gourmande "Chez Monique"
21:00-22:00 DJ Set
22:00-23:00 Gumbo Jazzband & dance show


Gumbo Jazzband

Gumbo Jazzband is a SwingJazz/New Orleans band from Maastricht with an international renown. They do us the honor to play for us before they leave for New Orleans for two weeks of concerts !
Gumbo Jazzband


Alain Preud’homme

Alain Preud’homme


March 17

From 20:00

Saturday - Live Band, Dj, Show, Beauty Boudoir & Craft Market

20:00 Opening, Craft Market & Caravane Gourmande "Chez Monique"
20:15-21:00 Initiation to Swing Dance
21:00-02:00 Live Band "Reverent Juke", Jack'n'Jill contest & Show


Reverent Juke : Great Live band

Born in 2015 from the collaboration between a musician and a lindy hop dancer, "Reverent Juke" has its roots in the golden era of swing and is devoted to play for the dances that boosted the origins of swing. Driven by an explosive rhythmic and sublimated by a very swinging brass section, the orchestra interprets and revisits the beads of Jelly Roll Morton Chick Webb, through Fletcher Henderson, Buddy Johnson or Hearls Hines. Renowned for setting fire to every performance, on the rhythm of its breathtaking arrangements, Reverent Juke will make you swing and move like never before!

Vintage make up and hair artist

Marie Lovenberg is a specialist in vintage relooking. As a kid, she used to spend her time dressing up with old and delicate clothes in her child house's attic. This is from where she grew out her passion for beautiful fabrics and western fashion history, and become a costume designer. Today she is all in one hair designer, make-up artist and specialist dresser and adviser in vintage fashion, from the twenties to the seventies.
Marie Lovenberg

Stompin’ Stoff / DJ

Seeing people smile on the floor is a great gift. This is what Stoff aims for. A nice atmosphere with the right songs. Playful, energetic, and musical. He likes to build the tension and give it to the crowd to play (dance) with. Whatever crowd or floor ; he likes to move it !

Clipperin’Stoff – Barber

Gents, if you wanna be a pip, looking togged to the brick, get plenty of honey coolers from that looker… Here’s your chance, get a smooth, sleek cut!
Clipperin’Stoff got his hairdressing skills since 1997. He started a successful salon in 2000 which he stopped in 2013 to start travelling. Somewhere along the way he discovered the exciting world of Lindy-dancing and all the beautiful things that come with it (read; hair-fashion). Eager to use his clippers and scissors on this passionate event, Stoff invites gentlemen to try a vintage cut while dancing at Ardent Swing Festival. Ladies: We appologise in advance because Stoff will only focus this year on the male vintage styles. But wouldn’t you love to have a dapper looking fella? Gents: if want you want ’em high ‘n’ tight, please get rid of all the greasiness in the hair beforehand. Thank you.

  • Clippering :30€
  • Styling : 10€
  • Beard trim : 10€
* Tips not included
See y’all there and meanwhile… let’em grow !


Françoise Brandt

Françoise Brandt


Ornella Briglio
Vintage shop “Miscellany”


Hélène Lebrun
BabaYaga Jewelry creation


Werter Corvi
Retro wooden accessories
Werter Corvi


Mister Stoff
Saint Savoy shoes
Saint Shoes


March 18

From 17:30

Sunday - Closing Party

17:30-18:30 "Maison du Jazz" conference
18:30 Opening, Craft Market & Caravane Gourmande "Chez Monique"
20:30-00:00 Live Band "One Shot One Swing"


One Shot, One Swing

One Shot, One Swing, it's a long story.
In the beginning, there was “Ardent Swingers”, a team of swing dancers from Liège. They quickly formed a music group of the same name to accompany them during performances.
After some collaborations with the dancers, the band became exclusively musical and they made about twenty concerts before separating.

Today, with a great experience, the group is reforming under the name "One Shot, One Swing". More motivated than ever, O.S.O.S is a swing group that animates your parties, your events, fires on your dance floor and delighted your ears (yes just this !).


Ladies styling

This one is for you, ladies : Come and create new moves with an emphasis on feminine styling, and learn how to leave some space for improvisation in your dance.

Leaders styling

Feel like taking your dance one step further and working on your solo styling? JB will happily introduce you to his world of solo jazz roots during this taster class.


Our main partner in dance is music, right? This workshop will be all about uniting dance and music and honoring our capacity to share and listen. You will discover how your body can express music and how you can become real accomplices on the dance floor.

Improve your Slow Dance

For dancers who already have some previous experience and know the basics of Slow dance. You will deepen the technique of the slow dance and its variations.


Level 1

You know all the basic moves, such as : swing out, lindy circle, charleston, texas tommy, ... . You start leading or following during the parties, you want to know more about lead and follow and also learn some new moves and techniques ? This is your level.

Level 2

You dance lindy regularly during bu attending classes and parties. You don't have any problem with the basic moves, they hold no secrets for you. You can lead or follow easily and want to learn some new techniques and variations ? This is your level.

Level 3

Lindy hop, you know it well ! You are used to social dancing in parties, you can lead any follower or follow any leader. You can dance on a fast tempo and want to go deeper into the technique and into stling ? This is your level.

Ardent Swing Festival

Party Pass

1 Taster (saturday)
3 Parties


Full Pass

7h Lessons
2 Tasters
3 Parties


Early Bird: 140€

Party only





Nejc Zupan

Nejc Zupan is one of the founders of the new swing age era in Slovenia and started swing dancing back in 2004. He is one of the main culprits in popularizing lindy hop in Slovenia in the early 2000s. His swing dance experience is a collection of many international workshops. Nejc uses experience from modern movement theatre, music and classical theatre to bring a fresh and fun approach to teaching and developing swing dance. He pays special attention to jazz moves and musicality, both essential to swing dancing.


Abeth started dancing Lindy Hop over 12 years ago in San Francisco with Paul Overton and Sharon Ashe, creators of the well-known weekly dance venue “9:20 Special”. After, she traveled to Morocco and then settled in Portugal. In 2003, she decided to transmit her passion and bring Lindy hop to Portugal first in Porto and then in Lisbon. She founded Lindy Hop Portugal and then went on to open her own dance school and production company “Swing Station” located in Lisbon. Through Swing Station Abeth and her team organize two festivals - Atlantic Swing Festival in Lisbon in June and Atlantic Blues in Porto in February - and various other weekend workshops and events.
Something Abeth believes strongly and tries to pass on to her students is that partner dancing is simply dancing, but with a partner. Focusing on solo body work is essential to being a better partner dancer. And learning other dances and ways of moving our bodies makes us better movers, which enriches our dance as a whole.
Abeth is a teacher with contagious energy, keen that her students learn important concepts to develop their own dancing and push themselves beyond their comfort zone, but with a good dose of fun and laughter in the middle.



Mihanta, a.k.a. Mimi, has danced since she was 8. She started with ballet, training in this classical dance for 10 years. She later discovered lindy hop in 2005 in Montpellier - it was a revelation! Since then she has traveled throughout France and abroad to teach and compete. Mimi has taught with the Swingjammerz since 2011, sharing her passion with her students. Without a doubt you will find her on the dancefloor till the sun comes up!"

Jérémy Chanton

Jérémy Chanton started dancing from childhood. He quickly took up swing, with a special liking for boogie woogie and reached podium positions in French and international competitions.
He then joined a swing group in Montpellier, where he progressed further in lindy hop & solo jazz and soon after set foot in the world of swing festivals, taking pleasure in mixing social dancing and competition.
Having won awards and become a recognized artist on the swing scene, Jérémy now travels all over Europe to dance, perform and teach.

Jb Mino

Jb Mino is from La Roche sur Foron where he grew. At the age of 17 he discovers the dance and met Tatiana where they are going to learn the dance of couple together, in particular the Lindy Hop. He begins the swing with Andy Spitz in Lyon and on a year later he meet Thomas Blacharz founder of the SwingJammerz.This meeting changed his life because he decides to move in Montpellier to learn the Lindy Hop and how to teach. Formed by the Ninjammerz among others, he makes itself a dynamic style and entailing what allows him to win competitions everywhere in Europe. His teaching is based on the lead and follow and on the technique. Now he’s running the SwingJammerz Assoc. and organizing workshops in Montpellier.

Alessandra Cardace

Her journey in the world of dance began when she was 5 years old, working off her energy at Boogie Woogie and later on at other disciplines such as Hip Hop and Modern Jazz. Alessandra was first introduced to the Lindy Hop in 2007, although she truly started dancing and studying Lindy in 2009 upon joining the performance crew ‘Wops’, with Sacha (Sax) Alvisi. Together, they created the first Italian musical company dedicated to Swing: the ‘Nagasaki Swing Team’, for which she produced, directed and choreographed two musicals entirely set in the 1920’s.
End 2014 she moved to Montpellier with her partner to continue studying vernacular dances. One year later, she joined the SwingJammerz crew, one of the most renowned Swing dance schools in Europe, teaching Lindy Hop and Solo Charleston classes. At the same time her international career took off, being invited to teach at festivals across Europe (Poland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, United-Kingdom, Italy).
Currently, Alessandra lives between Paris and Brussels, sharing her passion within Brotherswing and Easy Swing – Belgium’s biggest swing dance school – for which she teaches Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Solo Blues classes.

Sax & Ale


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Val Benoit
Quai Banning 6
4000 Liège


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