Liège - Belgium

15-17 March 2019

Lindy Hop
Solo Jazz

Special Guest: Balboa

Lives bands
Vintage Market and much more

Full pass: 160€

Early Bird: 140€

40 first registered

Party pass: 45€

1h taster included

Friday party: 15€

Saturday party: 25€

Sunday party: 10€

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Ardent Swing Festival

The "Ardent swing festival", the very first festival of swing in Liège, welcomes you from 15 till 17 March 2019.

Come and discover "la Cité Ardente" to the furious rhythm of the twenties.

Special Guest


The "Balboa" is a dance particularly adapted to the fast tempos, without excluding the slow tempos. This dance will allow you to develop a listening of the other very subtle thanks to its connection mainly in closed position, and a creativity at the level of the footworks, while preserving the energy own to the swing.

Lindy Hop, Charleston & Balboa

The « Ardent Swing Festival » - very first swing festival in Liège - welcomes you from March 15 to 17, 2019. Come and discover the « Cité Ardente » (Liège’s nickname) by dancing to the frantic rhythm of the 1920’s.

The « Ardent Swing Festival » will be an intense 3 days during which professional dancers will meet passionate dancers – lovers of the exceptional atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties. This weekend is not only focused on dance, but also on artistic exchanges and the discovery of various disciplines through workshops, concerts, happenings, exhibitions, screenings, and much more. 3 Days during which you will dive head first into the feverish artistic and intellectual spirit of the twenties. This will truly be an all-round cultural weekend.

The entire « Ardent Swing Festival » team has only one desire: to share this third edition with YOU!


March 15


20:30-02:00 Opening Party

March 16


09:30-10:30 Welcome
10:30-16:30 Workshops
20:30-02:00 Party and friends

March 17


11:00-17:00 Workshops
17:30-21:00 Closing swing bal

More information soon



More information soon



March 15

From 20:30

Friday - Opening Night - Live Band, DJ & Show

More information soon


March 16

From 20:30

Saturday - Live Band, Dj, Show, Beauty Boudoir & Craft Market

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March 17

From 17:30

Sunday - Closing Party

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Ladies styling

This one is for you, ladies : Come and create new moves with an emphasis on feminine styling, and learn how to leave some space for improvisation in your dance.

Leaders styling

Feel like taking your dance one step further and working on your solo styling? JB will happily introduce you to his world of solo jazz roots during this taster class.

Improve your BALBOA Dance

For dancers who already have some previous experience and know the basics of BALBOA dance. You will deepen the technique of the dance and its variations.

Rhythm N Blues routine

Follow William in the "Rhythm N Blues" with this solo routine! A mix of Jazz, Charleston and many other influences that will accompany you in a new Swing universe!


Level 1

You know all the basic moves, such as : swing out, lindy circle, charleston, texas tommy, ... . You start leading or following during the parties, you want to know more about lead and follow and also learn some new moves and techniques ? This is your level.

Level 2

You dance lindy regularly during bu attending classes and parties. You don't have any problem with the basic moves, they hold no secrets for you. You can lead or follow easily and want to learn some new techniques and variations ? This is your level.

Level 3

Lindy hop, you know it well ! You are used to social dancing in parties, you can lead any follower or follow any leader. You can dance on a fast tempo and want to go deeper into the technique and into stling ? This is your level.

Ardent Swing Festival

Party Pass

1 Taster (saturday)
3 Parties


Full Pass

7h Lessons
2 Tasters
3 Parties


Early Bird: 140€

40 first registered

Party only






Natasha & Nico

Natasha starts dancing at seven. She begins with ballroom dancing then she discovers swing dancing in 2001. She practices and teaches several swing dances like Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie and West Coast Swing. She gives regular classes on the French Rivera and participates as an international instructor during swing festivals in France and in Europe. With Natasha, every step becomes easy and elegant. Her charm and grace will undoubtedly seduce you.

Niko is a lover of Jazz Swing culture as a whole. Coming from the South of France, he is a passionate dancer, sparkling DJ, international competitor and recognized teacher. He has devoted himself for many years to the study of Swing Dances among the best and is at the origin of the development of these dances in Provence (France) since the early 2000s. He has traveled the world for many years as a dancer at the highest level in Boogie Woogie, then naturally, specializing in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Balboa. He co-organized for 10 years the famous PSF (Provence Swing Festival). He is an experienced teacher and dancer who is regularly invited to festivals to share this beautiful passion. His teaching will transport you to a constant search for musicality: A technical work combined with the use of energy and connection with the partner. Helping the dancers to create a unique dance style based on the expression of their personality is their driving force. For him, Swing is more than a passion, it's a way of life!

JB & Daria

Daria Chupyrkina is one of the best swing dancers in Russia. She started her dance career in 7. Daria studied choreography, jazz modern, tap dance, actors skills and singing in the school of music. She discovered dance Boogie Woogie in 2007 and a few years later Lindy Hop. By the moment she turned 18 in 2009 Dasha already managed to win a ton of top-tier competitions in Russia and worldwide, and was literally fall in love with lindy hop. At the classes, she takes accent on energy, rhythms, and direction of the body movement. Dance is a freedom for her, which gives a chance to get lots of emotions and expressions and certainly to find new friends. As she says: «If you want to talk, let's dance!»

Jb is from Haute Savoie where he grew. At the age of 17 he discovers the dance, in particular the Lindy Hop. He begins the swing with Andy Spitz in Lyon and on a year later he meet Thomas Blacharz founder of the SwingJammerz. This meeting changed his life because he decides to move in Montpellier to learn the Lindy Hop and how to teach. Formed by the Ninjammerz among others, he makes itself a dynamic style and entailing what allows him to win competitions everywhere in Europe. His teaching is based on the lead and follow and on the technique. Now he’s traveling around the world to teach and perform and he's running the SwingJammerz Assoc. in Montpellier.

William & Maéva

William and Maéva are both from the south of France. They met on the dance floors where they were competing at the age of 14 years old only. After devoting many years to Boogie Woogie, for which they were crowned WRRC world champions four times (2005, 2008, 2009, and 2010), they decided to turn their professional dancing career to Lindy Hop in 2011, that of course, without putting their favourite style completely aside. The results were quick to follow. William and Maéva now teach in the most important international swing events. Their ability to remain true to themselves and to assume their identity makes them stand out. Despite their young age, William and Maéva have been teaching and sharing their passion around the world full time for 5 years, being real professionals, fearsome competitors and showmen. These dancers of small stature will sure know how to carry you away into their world full of talent, humour, genius and generosity, which they can’t wait to share with as many people as possible.



Alex "Texas" Dreyer started dancing Swing in Houston in 1999 at the age of 15. With his twin brother, he was a member of the hugely popular "The Houston Hepcats" and learned with the Lindy Hop's biggest names, Frankie Manning and Sonny Allen. From then on, the dance allowed him to travel the world, to teach, to perform and more recently to be master of ceremonies for the biggest festivals in the world. He lives in Paris and it is an immense privilege to welcome him for the first time to the Ardent Swing Festival. He will be entertaining you throughout the event by his generosity, professionalism and especially his unconditional humor.


Stompin’ Stoff / DJ

Seeing people smile on the floor is a great gift. This is what Stoff aims for. A nice atmosphere with the right songs. Playful, energetic, and musical. He likes to build the tension and give it to the crowd to play (dance) with. Whatever crowd or floor ; he likes to move it !


SuAli Swing Shoes (made in Italy)

SuAliSwingShoes were created out of the love for swingdance and a strong passion for vintage shoes. These are Italian creations, handmade with leather made in Italy and in all external and internal components. All models have leather soles to dance on all types of floors and as many times as you like. These creations will dress perfectly your outfits. The SuAli are not only beautiful but also super comfortable and flexible to wear for many nights of wild dancing where you will vibrate any dance floor.
SuAli / SuAli

Werter Corvi

Werter Corvi has a hobby: crafting vintage wood accessories (bow ties, tie clips, cufflinks and earrings). These ornamental objects are created by putting together different types of wood coming from all over the world (ebony, amaranth, maple, palm tree, etc.) thus creating unique pieces which look and feel very natural. The bow-tie project was inspired by his passion for vernacular jazz dances, as dancers always match their outfits with amazing accessories during parties. A concept “made in Italy” which has been appreciated so far all over Europe, America and South Korea and which has been worn by world-renowned dancers such as Peter Loggings, Nils Andrén, Vincenzo Fesi, Sacha Alvisi, and José Zarazaga. Werter’s creativity goes beyond that! He also launched a whole collection of bags and each piece is unique! Men and women now have a chance to choose their style of “utility bag”, picking and matching the colors that they most like.
Werter Corvi

Clipperin’Stoff - Barbier

Gents, if you wanna be a pip, looking togged to the brick, get plenty of honey coolers from that looker… Here’s your chance, get a smooth, sleek cut! Clipperin’Stoff got his hairdressing skills since 1997. He started a successful salon in 2000 which he stopped in 2013 to start travelling. Somewhere along the way he discovered the exciting world of Lindy-dancing and all the beautiful things that come with it (read; hair-fashion). Eager to use his clippers and scissors on this passionate event, Stoff invites gentlemen to try a vintage cut while dancing at Ardent Swing Festival. Ladies: We appologise in advance because Stoff will only focus this year on the male vintage styles. But wouldn’t you love to have a dapper looking fella? Gents: if want you want ’em high ‘n’ tight, please get rid of all the greasiness in the hair beforehand. Thank you.

Clippering :30€
Styling : 10€
Beard trim : 10€
* Tips not included

See y’all there and meanwhile… let’em grow !

Vintage make up and hair artist

Marie Lovenberg is a specialist in vintage relooking. As a kid, she used to spend her time dressing up with old and delicate clothes in her child house's attic. This is from where she grew out her passion for beautiful fabrics and western fashion history, and become a costume designer. Today she is all in one hair designer, make-up artist and specialist dresser and adviser in vintage fashion, from the twenties to the seventies.
Marie Lovenberg


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